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Hi community! Some of you might be aware that I am a youth mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia and recently I have decided to start fundraising on behalf of this organisation which I am hugely passionate about. As part of this process I have been asked to create a fundraising page and outline ‘why’ I decided to join Big Brothers Big Sisters and become a Big. For me the answer is quite simple: “why not?!”. I am lucky enough to be an older sibling and I have a very special relationship with my own sister – so taking on this role was about giving back to my community and to someone who needed it. It takes a village to raise a child and there is something incredible in formulating a relationship with a young person. To be able to lend an ear and not only teach but learn from someone else with a different perspective is an amazing experience and one I think a lot of people can relate to. The only sacrifice I make each week is a Netflix episode or two. I find so much pleasure in being able to share weekly things with my Little that I find interesting or being that voice of reason when they’ve had a rough day. I think as adults sometimes we underestimate how important children are and it’s nice to be reminded of how intelligent, funny and brutally honest they can be - as well as how much they need our support and to be heard. The recruitment process is very thorough and a match didn’t happen overnight. I think that’s just an indicator of the amazing team at Big Brothers Big Sisters and how much they value the creation of meaningful connections. My Little and I get on like a house on fire and I love that she’s just as quirky as me! I have the Big Brothers Big Sisters team to thank for that because without their incredible support and due diligence I don’t think I would have had such a perfect match. Sadly, these connections aren’t cheap. The resources for my match alone costs over a thousand dollars a year and that does not include any additional costs for service promotion or sustaining the staff required to move this beautiful organisation forward. If my network could raise enough to cover my costs for the year I will be a happy girl; if we can go above and beyond that I would be ecstatic. While I have you here, I also encourage everyone to have a closer look into becoming a mentor. Even if you only make one match, you could potentially help change a Little’s life. Jess xx

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